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Updated: May 14

"Everything lies veiled in numbers."-- Pythagoras

Before, we described sacred geometry as the blueprint for which existence is framed upon. This would make numerology the engineering behind the design of the cosmos... and your life!


No matter the country, language or culture, all math is a sequence of values of 1-9. Beyond 9 we repeat the sequence at higher octaves.

Music is a good way to explain this: We have seven notes on the musical scale. That’s it. No more, no less. All music is formed from these seven basic building blocks; A, B, C, D, E, F and G.

The seven notes can be played at various frequencies and chords can be made by combining them, but all music, and all sound, is from these seven notes. The same is true numerology...

Each number has a value and its value, like music, is a unique expression. Once we go through the base nine, we are repeating the values at a higher octave.

Your Personal Blueprint

Your identity has an underlying frequency blueprint.

YOUR personal blueprint is built upon the numerical frequencies within your name and your birthdate. Not one other person of the billions of souls on Earth has your exact name combined with your exact birthdate.

So once we have these numerical frequencies that are unique to you, we can then apply sacred geometry and the other spiritual modalities used Within The Portal Blueprint to gain tremendous insight of your ENTIRE life blueprint. But first, we need to know what the primordial essences of the numerical frequencies mean...

Zero, Nulla, Sifr, Ling, Shoony, Null, Efes

Zero is the beginning and the end of numbers. It transcends them, is the root and core of them and any value stacked up to it gets reduced to it (think: 9x0=0!).

The zero represents the infinity, the Godhead, the Absolute. It has no beginning or ending. It is infinite and complete and self contained.

The important thing for our numerology purposes is to retain these characteristic key words:

· Godhead

· Nothing

· Void

· Absence

· Core

· Essence

· Ending

One, Uno, Wahid, Yi, Ek, Ein, Achat (אחת)

The element associated with ONE is Fire. ONE is pure and direct. This value is represented by the single, vertical line. It is the primary, mono, singular value. It is “the before”. The start. The beginning.

It is phallic and simple; raw, primal and uncomplicated, the ONE is paternal, being the “father” of all that is to come.

One is alone—not lonely—but alone. The ONE is never confused or polarized and exists without complication.

It is where and when time and material start. Nothing is before it, but everything is after it. Its qualities are:

· Masculine

· Primal

· Start

· Inception

· Single-solo-mono

· Singular

· Descending

· Father

· Intellect

· Fire

· Archetype

Two, Duo, Athnan, Er, Do, Zwei, Shtaim (שׂתיים)

The singular has become dual! No longer alone, we now have a pair. The shape of this symbol is the vertical line now taking a shape and bending. It now has a foundation to rest on, curves and now can view itself. The basic vertical line now experiences itself, has self-awareness and it thinks therefore it is!

In a cosmological sense it can be the first instant of the “Big Bang” when the universe begins to separate and unfold.In the mystical sense it is the sense of separation from our true essence.

As duality occurs, we lose sight of our essence—the Divine soul—and develop ego and pride (self-awareness). The pride and ego are the masculine qualities carrying over from the ONE. The TWO begins to see themselves as separate and special (feminine), but the ONE expresses pride and ego through her.

The qualities are:

· Pair

· Combined

· Couple

· Man/wife

· Partner

· Duo

· Together

· Water

· Emotion

· Mother

Three,Tri, Thlath, San, Deen, Drei, Shalosh (שׂלושׂ)

The Triad (father, mother, child), trinity (Father, Holy Spirit and Son). Three implies the fertilized egg (1=sperm, 2=egg, 3=result of unity); an idea coming to fruition.

At this stage, results are set in motion and there is no turning back.Things can be altered and changed, but not undone.It is extroverted and alive; a combination of independent (from 1) and self-aware (from 2) and glad to be so.

The base of the two has now turned upward and the three points seem to reach towards each other in an attempt to rejoin. The three is the product of the mono and duo combined. It does not exist without its parents, the ONE and the TWO.

This is the nuclear family! The three is the expression of the one and the two. It is their combined qualities expressed in a third and individualistic manner.

The three is bold and striking out, seeking to capitalize on its individuality as it is blissfully ignorant of its origin depending on a life before (and beyond) itself. It represents youth and progression, THREE has yet to learn patience and is excited and playful.

Here are its qualities:

· Child

· Triple

· Triad

· Masculine

· Idea

· Abstract

· Playful

· Tricky

· Air

· Motion

· Family

The Rest...

As you can see, there is great meaning behind each number, and we haven't even gotten to the mysticism behind master numbers yet!

Unfortunately, many of the numerological resources on the web are incomplete and lack the fundamental understandings behind the primordial essence of each numerical frequency.

To give these meanings justice and the room to go into further detail, the rest of the 4-9 sequence, 10, and the master numbers are described in my Numerology Mastery Workbook, which is given for free with any Within The Portal Blueprint.

Again, numbers give us the foundation of our existence within the material matrix. This is why Numerology is the foundation for all the other spiritual modalities: Sacred Geometry, Tarot, Astrology, The Tree of Life, I-Ching--all of which are applied in a WTP Blueprint already, mapping out what you need to know to realize your True Self.

The next spiritual modality that we will cover is Tarot.

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