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Past Lives

Updated: Aug 7

And why we don't remember them...

"The soul’s reentry to physical matter is so shocking that the remaining memory and insights from prior life and Within The Portal are entirely compromised: bright lights, men in masks, bloody umbilical cords, noise and chaos—that’s what the world is to an emerging fetus!

This is no accident: it is a feature of the process since remembering all your past lives would be overwhelming and can cause insanity. Imagine you never slept: all your days were an ongoing, never-pausing stream of events. You’d go crazy! You need a rest, a pause, a respite, to regroup and begin fresh. If we retained all of our lifetimes in an ever-going consciousness-- we’d lose it!

While a fetus develops within the womb, the Spirit is housed within and the mind is subtly active and aware. Within the womb, we contemplate the sum total of our prior life experience, yet we are still somewhat as dormant as we were while on the other side: we now have a body, but similar to Within The Portal, we can't really move or interact with our space. We’re aware though!

  • Our energy-body is activated

  • Our physical body is forming within the womb

  • Our causal (mental) body is awake and co-existing in cosmic and physical space

You may not remember it, but you were quite aware while in mom’s womb. And becoming a bit anxious to get out of such a cramped space!

Finally, it is time be released from the womb and enter the full physical realm: it’s time to be born!

Our storehouse of knowledge and experience is no longer accessible to our conscious, material minds. We are forced to start over, with no recollection of how to talk, walk or contemplate. Our operating system has been reset! Our internal hard-drive has been wiped clean! There are always shadow-ghost traces of the original files, but they’re buried deep and hard to retrieve!

When my mind+spirit re-entered my physical form after my near-death experience, my hard drive was deleted. During my 9 day coma, I experienced the reincarnation process--the life review, life preview, soulful rest, etc. Only difference is--instead of being reborn into a new fetus, I returned from Within The Portal to my existing adult body and brain..."

Read more from Within The Portal: A Near-Death Experience Memoir and Guide To Spiritual Awakening, here.

Divine Love Consciousness Workshop

Each lifetime we receive is an opportunity to break free from the material realm and transcend it by shedding our material forms and becoming pure spirit. This is referred to as Enlightenment by the Buddha and God Realization by the yoga Saints. Therefore, there is only ONE real value to understanding the process of reincarnation: to progress in our soul’s journey.

This live masterclass illuminates what the ancient, Sanskrit texts teach about reincarnation and how it can be used as a tool to live eternally in a perfected state of anand: BLISS--to attain eternal ONENESS with the essence of Divine Love Herself, Divine Love Consciousness.

You can Register for free here:

(If you cannot make the live workshop times, then you will receive a recording)

Who is The Teacher?

"My spiritual purpose is to attain Divine Love Consciousness within this lifetime. My worldly purpose is to assist others to do the same."


I have dedicated my life to studying and practicing spiritual paths.

I love and respect them all.

I have not only learned what works and why but how to combine them to customize a set of spiritual methods that suit each individual.

I don’t teach ONE way to spiritual illumination.

Nor am I a master or guru. I have learned Eternal Truths from the many that have graced this earth with their presence and knowledge.

I don’t teach you my way to spiritual illumination.

I teach and share Their ways. This way you can decide for yourself what your spiritual destination is and how to best attain it.

My qualifications are:

  • Yoga practitioner and scholar for over 35 years

  • Kundalini

  • Tantra

  • Bhakti

  • Ashtanga

  • Hatha Yoga Pradipika

  • Certified Master Alchemist from Flamel College

  • Member of the International Alchemy Guild (members include Sir Isaac Newton)

  • Mentored by Dennis Hauk

  • 3rd Degree Ceremonial Magician of the Ordo Templi Orientis

  • Hermetic scholar and Egyptologist since youth

  • Proficient in all forms of Western and Oriental mysticism (kabbalah to I Ching…)

  • I have spent months in ashrams of northern India, toured the tirth sites of the Buddha and traveled extensively through Nepal, Egypt and Europe as a spiritual pilgrim from the Vatican in Rome to Stonehenge in Salisbury

Thank you for giving me a purpose within this material world.

I am humbly honored to play a role in assisting spiritual seekers to connect with the Eternal Truths.

Live participants will be able to ask questions and interact with the class.

As a spiritual fitness trainer and mentor, I don’t know how to stop or say no.

This means that students will get private access to me for questions and personal instructions before and after class.

My teachers remained accessible to me, so I carry the same tradition by being available for questions and concerns.

The truth is simple: you know it when you hear it and the meaning of ‘occult’ is hidden—in plain view. Come get your spirit on.

Becoming a true spiritualist will test you.

It is not easy, but for those who seek it, there is no other option.

Gautam Buddha once said, “The best and worst day of someone’s life is when they accept that Enlightenment is genuine. The best because they finally know why they’re here and what they’ve been seeking for eternity. The worst because they know at that moment, they will never again be happy with the world.”

Sages, Gurus, Saints and spiritual Masters have been dispatched to this earth to share the Eternal Truths to assist us in our Soul’s Journey to spiritual perfection. As variegated as they’re teachings may seem on the surface, they all teach the same things in their own dialects. This masterclass unifies the most sacred and trustworthy spiritual paths and their teachings.

Free Enrollment

You'll Receive:

~A Free Mastery Workbook on Cosmic Consciousness

($25 val.)

~ 90 min LIVE Teaching Session

($122 val.)


~An intro to the origins of this world's spiritual paths

~The 11 Methods for attaining higher consciousness

~the 3 original systems for enlightenment

~The eternal truths Hidden in Plain View

~Q&A at the end

~A Recording of the session if you can't make it

Register below

(You'll receive an email with time options. There will be a recording if none of the times work for you.)

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