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Updated: May 14

Tarot is an exploration of the Human Condition.

And what, might you ask, is “the human condition”?

The human condition is a term used for the entire spectrum of human experience:

1. Birth/Death

2. Love/Hate

3. Emotion/Intellect

4. Gain/Loss

5. Virtue/Vice

6. Pain/Pleasure

7. Spiritual/Material

As always, we see the base of SEVEN. The same as we do with the sound and color spectrums.

There are multiple octaves of each of these-- making an infinite amount of human experience, but they all fall within the base categories. Let’s take a couple examples:

· Birth/Death: Birth of a child, birth of business, birth of pet, birth of a lifestyle, idea, emotion, opinion… and vice-versa, the death of each too.

· Love/Hate: Romantic love, familial love, pet love, food love, movie love… and the vice-versa, hate of these things.

So What Is Tarot?

The Tarot are archetypal images that express the spectrum of human experiences and its octaves.

Did you know--Tarot's origins are from Kabbalah's Tree of Life?

Tarot is the pictorial representation of the Tree of Life and was created in the 1500's to allow Kabbalists to study and practice mysticism while avoiding the Catholic gestapo during the inquisition eras.

Each card symbolizes specific experiences and qualities within the human experience. When combined with the other cards, insights and details are revealed that are specific and varied.

When an intuitive’s focus and energy is channeled into drawing and reading the cards, predictions, meanings and possibilities become visible.

The Arcana

Tarot is divided into two main categories, the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The major are the first 22 cards (the trumps) and the minor are the remaining 56.

The Major Arcana

The trump cards are like a story: The Fool (card and “key” zero) represents a person venturing out into the world to seek his fortune and destiny. Blissfully ignorant to life and the world, The Fool, travels through the human experience, meeting influential people and having profound experiences along the way that add up and create the drama of his life. Many of the Major Arcana cards represent the characters, like family, teachers, guides, partners, etc. that he will interact with. Others represent the mind and events such as birth, death, love, family etc. and conscious/subconscious/intellect/emotion…

The Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana are the suits: Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. The suits encompass the octaves of the human experience. For example, while The Lovers card represents Love if it is combined with the Queen of Cups it may indeed imply a romantic, female partner—queen symbolizing a woman and cups representing emotion. But combined with the Page of Pentacles changes its meaning. Now it may represent the love of a material idea or work that benefits others.

The combinations are virtually infinite.

How To Access Tarot's Insight

As always, Knowledge is Power, so if you do want more, please check out the Tarot Mastery Workbook.

Or I can provide the insights for you. As we spoke about in the Numerology blog, each of the 78 Tarot cards are numbered and will match with your personal numerological vibrations, which are calculated and outlined in a Within The Portal Blueprint. The Tarot correspondences will provide the symbolic and conceptual details to your blueprint.

To gain even more insight into your blueprint, next we will cover Astrology.

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