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“Like most modern people, I don’t believe in prophecy or magic and then spend half my time practicing it.”

John Steinbeck—The Winter of Our Discontent

The Prophecy chapter from Within the Portal tells of the set of visions I received from Akashic Agents directing me towards new ideas and actions. It was those vision-directives that caused me to abandon another book I was working on for nearly a year and switch to completing my near-death experience memoir which evolved into the guide to spiritual awakening as well. The vision also directed me to relocate. I had been living for 3 ½ years in Austin, Texas at my Guru’s US ashram of Radha Madhav Dham, and the Akashic vision directed me to move to the Monterey peninsula region of California. I rented a 26’ long U-Haul truck, loaded my material possessions into it with my Subaru STI on a tow dolly behind it, and began the long haul from TX to CA. Chow Chow Bang the cat was my co-pilot and navigator as we set out on Wednesday, June 28, 2023—my 57th birthday and ten-year anniversary of waking from my coma after NDE-Day.

B-Day 2013

B-Day today!

(I’m wearing the Museum of Death t-shirt I died in which was sheared off of me by paramedics when they brought me back to life. My lovely editor stitched it back together for me. Looks good don’t it!?

I had made a recon trip to the region ten months earlier and then a second one to look at houses to rent just a month ago. I looked at dozens of from Monterey to Santa Cruz. At the end of three days, with my dear friend and ashram brother, John, it was decided: All signs led me to renting a house in a town I hadn’t even considered: Salinas, CA.

Salinas is the birthplace of John Steinbeck and where he wrote his first two novels and conceived Grapes of Wrath and Cannery Row. I had read five Steinbeck novels, including the hefty, Grapes of Wrath, by the time I was twelve. He is, without a doubt, the first inspiration I had as a youth to become an author myself. I’m honored to be here.

Within the first week of my landing in a new house just 20 minutes from the sea of Monterey, I got a text: “Hey Dad, call me, I need your advice.” Brandon texted.

“What’s the problem? And please don’t ask for money help. I’m strapped from moving and no income.” “No, nothing like that. I injured my foot and cant walk. I got a lot of pain.”

I advised him on ibuprofen and how to diagnose a sprain from a break and it was decided, “Cool, I’ll just tell the fire-chief I need a few days of then to recover. Hey, since I an still drive and need to take a few days off, how bout I drive up to see your new place.”

I hadn’t seen Brandon in nearly a year when he drove me to coffee in the fire engine in Weed, CA. Now that we were just 6 hours apart he came up. We spent a

few days driving Hwy One to Big Sur’s Nepenthe and touring the countryside and the beaches.

“Tomorrow’s your last day, man. Since you wanna leave early in the morning let me take you to a farewell lunch. I’m not telling you where, it’ll be a surprise.”

We had a regal lunch at the Steinbeck House; the historical landmark of his birth-home now doubling as a restaurant. Brandon wandered to the small gift shop and book store and boasted of his dear dad just releasing his fifth book, Within the Portal, just ten days earlier. When I came into the shop the clerk asked about it, looked over a copy I had in my car and said, “This looks interesting. Would you be interested in putting it for sale in this store?”

Wha!? Huh?! Me…? a book I wrote being side by side with those of the man known as “the giant of American letters”? NO WAY!

“Let me talk to my manager and show it to him.”

We just came for lunch and suddenly I was professionally networking!

Brandon had to wait in the car with his twisted ankle so I went into the next stop by myself: The John Steinbeck library. Sure enough, a little small talk with an adorably sweet and cute young woman administrator, and I was in a meeting with the head librarian discussing my books being carried in the library.

Wha!? Huh?! NO WAY!

I mean… lunch in The Steinbeck House with Brandon was a good day itself, but now these unexpected surprises?

Lookit… whether the book store or library decide to carry my books or not, it is an honor to be considered and a powerful sign of the Prophecy having trajectory.


Another chapter Within the Portal is titled Texodus. It tells of my decision to leave California and move to the Texas house I stayed in for the last three and a half years. A decision that was not inspired by an Akashic vision, but by my Guru’s daughter. While seriously considering a safe and sane plan of self-murder to end the ongoing onslaught of tragedies, I was dispatched to India by a dear friend trying to discourage me from suicide. She made me promise to postpone self-murder until I went to hallowed grounds of the ashram in India and asked the divine daughters of Kripalu to advise me. They told me on the final day of that visit, to consider moving to or near the US ashram outside Austin, TX which I had been to dozens of times over the years and considered it my spiritual home in the US.

The next Prophecy blog post will tell of this Homeric journey too exodus from Texas to Salinas

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