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Why People See Different Things During A Near Death Experience

Updated: Mar 30

Let’s jump right into the juicy stuff of what most NDErs bring home from it:

  • Evidence of an afterlife

  • Evidence of spiritual/cosmic dimensions of reality

  • Academic abilities/knowledge previously unknown

  • Psychic/intuitive abilities

The first two, evidence of afterlife and spiritual/cosmic dimensions of realty, are universal. It’s not an NDE unless you retain some awareness of life extending beyond death. Many, many people die and are revived each and every day in the world. This does not get included within the NDE culture unless there is some retention of the experience. So everyone who has an official NDE reports having some version of events that made them undeniable. It has already been explained the reason some see Jesus, some see Buddha, and some see passed-on loved ones and pets is because the Akashic Agents provide perceptions one is familiar with. Unfortunately, this means the NDEr starts proselytizing that their version is now direct evidence their version of God is right, so therefore, everyone else’s is wrong. As you may expect, this tendency is particularly strong with Christian-based NDErs and Western religious adherents.

I have been a guest on several NDE podcasts. One of the earlier ones, I had a terrific interview with a very nice woman. We connected, and she gave me respect and latitude to speak from the heart. I knew nothing about her before the interview; our only interaction was her emailed invite to be her guest. I was the first guest she had who wasn’t a card-carrying Christian, so some of her YouTube followers gave her hell for it. Even though we never mentioned Christian views or religion, she caught a lot of flak for having this Buddhist-hindu-hermetic-mysticon her show. She and I got along well, and she confessed during the interview she had rarely felt so comfortable sharing and asking questions of someone as she had with me. See for yourself:

Youtube: Pegi Robinson—NDE TV, NDE TV Presents Krishnanand, Epic Journey Through Reincarnations

This is how Western-Abrahamic religions are referred to as closed systems.

Getting confirmation of life after death via your NDE is universal: it’s is what an NDE is. Then your own mind converts this message and evidence to concepts you are personally familiar with.

The more closed-minded or religiously zealous you are, the more you will unconsciously convert pure divinity and spirit to particular religious brands.

Many NDErs don’t have religious affiliations. The majority of them report the white light, angels, and passed-on loved ones. If they were raised in a Christian-based nation, like America or Latin American regions, they will typically convert their NDE ingredients to Christian too. Jews see Moses; Muslims see Mohammad (pbuh); Hindus see Vishnu.... You get my point.

The bottom line is this: What you see, contact, and experience Within The Portal is what you are attached to! It is your “field of attachment” that predicates your post-death experience.

Good news/bad news for you: If your attachment to your pet or family is very deep, you will indeed see them and reunite with them. This means you are 100 percent destined to return to the material phenomena and continue your dramas with them. Why is this potentially bad news? Because it is unwise to form such emotional attachments to pets, forcing you to reincarnate as one! I have had a string of lifetimes with my son (several I can recall and access), multiple with my sister, and oh-so-many with my partner, Janete. Our karmas are as intertwined as a DNA strand, and karma has a gravitational effect like a tractor beam, our spirits and lives draw each other together again and again. This is where you get the soulmate feeling and concept. It’s legit!

However, from a purely spiritual point of view, this is bad! If you love God with the same devotion and attachment, then you move up and on toward Divinity! Let go; let God as they say!

The final two NDE features...

  • Academic abilities/knowledge previously unknown

  • Psychic/intuitive abilities

Read About The Other Two NDE Features in Krishnanand’s new book,

Within The Portal—A Memoir of Near Death Experience and Guide To Spiritual


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