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Within The Portal Blueprints

A comprehensive and spiritual analysis of your entire life, beginning at your birth and going beyond this life’s death.

How Does It Work?

The WTP Blueprint synthesizes the following:

· Sacred Geometry

· Numerology

· Tarot

· Astrology

· The Tree of Life

· The I-Ching

These methods of divination and mysticism were never truly separate. They have always been connected and these innovated blueprints are merely rejoining them.

Each spiritual modality mentioned above can serve as tools independently too, but they become amplified and most potent when combined and rejoined to their other limbs.

Each number within your birthdate and name corresponds to a Tarot card, an astrological decan, a path on The Tree of Life, a hexagram of the I-Ching and a location upon the sacred geometry of the WTP blueprint.

What's Analyzed?

First, we analyze your LIFE-PURPOSE frequency. This is the vibrational frequency set by your day and time of birth that reveals the purpose, goal, lesson and mission you entered this life for.

Next, is the SOUL vibration. The soul is your inner-self. Your essence. Your “higher” and “true” self that is always connected to the Divine.

Third, we examine the OUTER-PERSONALITY. The Outer-Personality frequencies set the tone of how your soul expresses itself through your personality.

Fourth is the vital PATH OF DESTINY. Your unique Path of Destiny is the overall fate, karmas and the legacy you can leave behind if you fulfill your purpose, lessons and missions.

These vibrations and frequencies are laid upon the sacred geometry of the WTP Blueprint.

The Sacred Geometry Mapping:

Your WTP blueprint reveals the events, circumstances and karmas you’ll experience during the following life cycles:

Your YOUTH square:

Age zero through twenty-seven. The upper corner of the Youth square is where you enter this life at age ZERO. The horizontal line is age zero to nine, the first vertical line is 9-18. Then you complete your YOUTH square with 18-27.

Our youth years are where we absorb mostly raw experience—gathering our perceptions and attitudes.

Your POWER square:

Years 27-54. These are the years we establish our material lives—family, career and our spiritual direction, morals and beliefs. How to create material wealth and safety in your work and career that will sustain you.

Your WISDOM square:

Years Fifty-four through eighty-one. The Wisdom years are where we combine all our youthful experiences with our practical experiences and settle into our spirit.

At the center of all this is the Life-Purpose triangular vibrations. Our entire

lives are framed around our Life-Purpose.

Why Receive A Within The Portal Blueprint?

Between each life, we all receive unwavering clarity while on the other-side. The problem is ... we forget. We forget the life review—the collection of past life actions that are influencing our current life. We forget the life preview—what is destined to occur and the decisions we made while Within The Portal. These blueprints reveal that clarity we once had and how best to navigate this incarnation so we can realize our True Selves.

See full samples and options below:

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