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Divine-Love Consciousness Awaits

Spiritual Fitness

As Spiritual beings having a human experience, how often do we exercise our bodies and minds rather than our spirit? Think about it... After eating, sleeping, bathing, working, social duties, family dramas... how many hours go towards our humanness vs our spiritualness?

This membership is meant to help give spiritual workouts so your soul can continue to improve along its journey, regardless of obstacles standing in the way. Just as muscle fibers tear and rebuild stronger, our soul will gain strength to withstand life's trials and tribulations, all the while converting mundane existence into divine play.

With this membership, you have access to a spiritual fitness trainer who shows you how to bypass the fad "workouts and diets" that leave your soul searching for more. Instead of empty calories and bad carbs, Krishnanand unveils the Truths that have been hidden in plain view... The Eternal truths that guide us toward Divine-Love Consciousness.

Come fill your stomach and mind with spiritual macros that will satiate your soul's hunger.

All meetings and workshops are free. 

Creating and sustaining a spiritual practice is challenging—the time, the methods… these elements are often as mysterious as spirit itself, especially if it relates to stilling the mind. You may have a heart full of spiritual inquiry and zest, but a life full of distractions and a mind full of racing thoughts... Feeling separate from others can occur too as you commit more and more to spiritual pursuits over worldly ones.

With the Divine Love Consciousness membership, you will be provided with spiritual variety for your mind and heart's content.  the meditations and discourses will teach you how to work with the nature of the mind, instead of fighting against it.  Instead of dry, arduous methods to achieve still thoughts, Divine-Love Consciousness is truly dynamic and full of experience--when directed the right way...
You will be spiritually connected to a community of other seekers who gather often for fruitful, fortuitous conversations and blissful states of mind. Your soul is longing for it!


All meetings and workshops are free. 

Donations are GREATLY appreciated. 

It costs money to produce and sustain an online presence.

The best way to support the spiritual gifts provided here is by purchasing

the books, readings and live mentoring sessions.

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