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Within The Portal Insights

Within The Portal--a spaceless space, timeless time between lives, where we all receive soulful rest and guidance for our journey ahead...

Why receive this guidance after death, when you can access it now to make the most of this life?

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The Problem

Before we enter this life, we all receive unwavering clarity as to our Life Purpose and DestinyThe problem is...

We forget.

We forget the life review - the collection of past life actions that are influencing our current life. We forget the life preview - what is destined to occur and the decisions we made while

Within The Portal.
(Explained more in the book)


The Solution

Krishnanand's innovations with ancient systems reveal the decisions made while on the other side and how best to navigate this life based on your personal karmas.

The purpose of these blueprints are to realize our Life Purpose and Soul Purpose. As spiritual beings having a human experience, we must address both in order to realize the potential of our Higher Selves.

The Method

After lifetimes of spiritual study and practice, Krishnanand's Within The Portal Blueprints:

Synthesize all the major spiritual modalities that reveal the layers of your reality--into one blueprint of your ENTIRE Lifetime:

Sacred Geometry




The Tree of Life


All 6 modalities are applied to EACH of your personal vibrational categories:

WHAT you are here to fulfill in this lifetime


Outer Personality

HOW your spirit expresses itself and how it can be used to manifest your Life’s Purpose


WHY this is expressed by your true essence and higher-self



The legacy you can leave behind and the influence it will have on your next life

Life Purpose is just a quarter of the equation:
only when we understand
how to apply our Soul and Outer Personality to the Life Purpose can we fulfill Our

Within The Portal of a Loved One

Gain closure with a passed away loved one
(Approx. 6-7 pgs of insight)

From $108

The Complete Blueprint

A comprehensive blueprint of your entire lifespan up to 81 years
(Approx. 10-18 pages of insight)

From $222

Life Purpose Reading

Start with WHAT your Life Purpose Is
(Approx. 3-4 pgs of insight)

From $77

Ryan, 29, Austin, TX

“When the WTP reading told me to stop fixating on my health concerns and start applying my past life attributes of hard work towards my calling, I almost didn’t listen...almost. You see, I had already quit my job, sold all my things, and was living in an Ashram outside of Austin, TX...until I bumped into Krishnanand. I thought I was doing the spiritually "right thing" by living a renounced life, but come to find out from the WTP insights, it was not what I was meant to be doing in this lifetime."

Read Ryan’s sample to see how he was directed towards his true calling

What are Within The Portal Insights?

Watch the video to understand the spiritual science of the readings or read the text below it...


I started doing intuitive readings in 1991 when I was 27 just after my kundalini event.
It was at a metaphysical church in Los Angeles.

I did numerology and tarot with some elements of astrology. One day a man came in and asked me to prophesy if he was going to get the promotion he was hoping for.

I saw right away that he was.
But I also saw that the promotion was going to increase his pride, his ego and make him more materialistic and turn further away from his spirit.

As a reader my role was to predict fates. But as a healer, my role became to guide clients in understanding their mystical and spiritual options and opportunities.


In a brief time, he would know of his promotion either way. There was no value telling him of a destined event. But there was tremendous value revealing what he could DO with the promotion. And what NOT to do.

So, I consulted The Tree and saw his Five of Pentacles card regarding his promotion corresponded to Malkuth—the kingdom; the realm of material manifestation, dense and lacking spirit. Which is where he already was. If he remained within the sephiroth of malkuth he would waste his spiritual potential. I wanted him to be aware he had options. I read the paths that led from malkuth to the sephiroth above.

Qoph, Shin and Tav, The Moon, Judgement and The World respectively. It became clear the path Qoph—the Moon and the depths of the SUBconscious was the healthiest option.

This was the beginning of my seeing the integration of numerology, tarot and the tree of life which led to my work with The Spiritual Triangle and to fuse it with I-Ching and the Tree. There was no turning back.

Even as I became a behavioral, clinical counselor, specializing in habits and all forms of addictions, I never lost sight of the opportunity to guide people through the entire spectrum of choices so they would have the opportunities to make more altruistic choices.

I will never omit, nor invent, intuitive perceptions as I advise, counsel or read for someone. You will always get ALL the information I can access for you in a reading or in a session. What to do with the knowledge is up to you.


One year, to the day, of my Near-Death-Experience I was graced with a vision. It was an instruction to synthesize the Pythagorean Theorem with The tree of Life and the I-Ching. I went right to work to fulfill this destiny and over nine days and nights it was complete.

I am no longer confined to a single modality and as a behavioral and spiritual healer I will present EVERY option there exists for you so you can see through the smoke and choose the right path to grow and evolve towards spiritual solutions.

The Spiritual Triangle gives us access to all the greatest divinations known:

  • Numerology

  • Tarot

  • Astrology

  • The Tree of Life

  • And the I-Ching

All of these are laid upon a Spiritual Triangle blueprint that begins with your birth and covers every phase of this life beyond death.

Why settle for less?
Why choose between them?
They are all integrated and intertwined with each other.

You can have clear, unobstructed insights into your whole life: the past. The present. The future.

Expand your mind.

Expand your consciousness.

Expand your spirit.

You’ve waited long enough.


Withn the Portal insights uses the Spiritual Triangle and it is a harmonic convergence of supernatural insight.

Portal insights are a comprehensive and spiritual analysis of your entire life, beginning at your birth and going beyond this life’s death.

Within The Portal is a perfect synthesis of:

  • Numerology

  • Astrology

  • Tarot

  • The Tree of Life

  • The I-Ching

  • Sacred Geometry

Your birthdate and name correspond to Numerological frequencies which link to a Tarot card, an astrological decan, a path on The Tree of Life, a hexagram of the I-Ching and locations upon the Spiritual Triangle blueprint.


  • First, we analyze your LIFE-PURPOSE frequency. This is the vibrational frequency set by your birthdate and time that reveals the purpose, goal, lesson and mission you entered this life for.

  • Next, we explore the SOUL vibration. The soul is your inner-self. Your essence. Your “higher” and “true” self that is always connected to the Divine.

  • Third, we examine the OUTER-PERSONALITY. The Outer-Personality frequencies set the tone of how your soul expresses itself to in the material world.

  • Fourth is the vital PATH OF DESTINY. Your unique Path of Destiny is the overall fate, karmas and the legacy you can leave behind if you fulfill your purpose, lessons and missions.

  • These vibrations and frequencies are laid upon the SPIRITUAL TRIANGLE; a blueprint of sacred geometry.




Your SPIRITUAL TRIANGLE blueprint is a map—providing detailed insights into the events of your entire life: from birth through the specific cycles of your life and beyond the death experience. The blueprint reveals the spiritual vibrations of every year, month and day of your life.

Each entry in your Spiritual Triangle analysis-reading describes specific years, months, phases and even days and specific hours of your life.

Your YOUTH square: Age zero through twenty-seven. A detailed analysis of the spiritual vibrations during your Youth and major events and circumstances.

Your POWER square: Twenty-seven through fifty-four. How to create material wealth and safety in your work and career that will sustain you. How to expand our spirit and mind as we mature.

Your WISDOM square: Fifty-four through eighty-one. Blending together the raw experiences of Youth with the practical application of the Power years with the intelligence and insights you’ve gained.

Your Spiritual Triangle blueprint reveals the events, circumstances and karmas you’ll experience during these times. We can then zoom-in and analyze specific years, four month periods, months, days and even hours!


These methods of divination and mysticism were never truly separate.

They have been intertwined since eternity. They have always been connected and Spiritual Triangle is merely rejoining them.

Each one: Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, Sacred Geometry, Tree of Life and I-Ching can serve as tools independently too, but they become amplified and most potent when combined and rejoined to their other limbs.



  • Numerology: reveals the cosmic vibrations within your birth date and name.

  • Sacred Geometry is the other side of the Numerology coin, the shape that number values take within the dimension of matter. The sacred geometry of the Spiritual Triangle gives us a blueprint—a roadmap—of your life’s events, from birth and beyond this life’s death

  • Tarot: Each one of the 78 cards within the deck corresponds to the particular numerological experiences along our life-blueprint of the Spiritual Triangle. 

  • Astrology intertwines with these three forms of divination: The 78 cards within a tarot deck are represented by signs within the twelve zodiac, the twelve houses and their decans.

  • Kabbalah’s Tree of Life is inseparable with Tarot. Tarot was invented (revealed) as a coded system of the Tree’s branches. The 22 branches between the ten sephiroth upon The Tree correspond to tarot’s major arcana and the ten sephiroth themselves correspond with the minor arcana.

The Spiritual Triangle’s link with the Tree of Life was revealed to me in a vision in 2014.

  • I-Ching: The 64 Hexagrams of The Book of Changes’ align perfectly with the other correspondences as well. Revealed to me in the same vision, the yin and yang of Chinese mysticism was synthesized into Spiritual Triangle. finding expression with the 64 hexagrams within The Book of Changes.

The bottom line is evident: As we predict and analyze anyone’s existence through these sacred, intertwined, interdependent modalities we see total verification of their synthesis.

Each individual modality of divination serves quite well as a forecaster of life. But it is only when we combine them that we get a complete and comprehensive analysis along with insights and direct advice and guidance to our Life-Purpose, Soul, Personality and Destiny along a detailed blueprint of the specific events spanning our entire lives—from our birth to our death and beyond.

The Spiritual Triangle provides us with perspectives that transcend time, allowing us to fully perceive the PAST, fully live within the PRESENT and predict and plan for the FUTURE.

Not just of this life. But past lives and future incarnations as well.


Truth Awaits

Within The Portal of a Loved One

Gain closure with a passed away loved one
(Approx. 6-7 pgs of insight)

From $108

The Complete Blueprint

A comprehensive blueprint of your entire lifespan up to 81 years
(Approx. 10-18 pages of insight)

From $222

Life Purpose Reading

Start with WHAT your Life Purpose Is
(Approx. 3-4 pgs of insight)

From $77

Mystical Insights From Within The Portal

Truth Awaits--Read or Watch Below






Mystical insights using tarot, numerology, astrology, and other profound tools, are commonly called “readings.” They enhance and empower our spiritual quest and progress.


The insights I provide are not mere prognosticators, predicting the future, locating lost items, or communicating with the dead. There is very little spiritual value in those things. My insight readings focus on your soul’s journey far more than your worldly circumstances; where you’re spiritually going is far more important than where you’ve been.


Don’t get me wrong; we must address our worldly concerns, which often come up within the portal insights. How we live our material life is vital to how we progress in our spiritual life. So, your Within The Portal insight addresses these areas as well. But the primary focus is on WHO you are (a divine soul of infinite lifetimes), WHERE you’re going (towards spiritual consciousness), and HOW to get there (spiritual methods that will work for you).


Mystical modalities, such as numerology and astrology, are like portals to deeper perspectives. As a so-called ‘seer,’ my role when reading is to INTERPRET the rhythms, flows, and patterns that make up our particular circumstances. Mystical methods are like meteorology; a weather reporter tells you the basics, but a meteorologist is trained to interpret the science of patterns and how they work. I see myself as a mystical meteorologist; I decipher the data of cosmic influences from stars and planets to mathematical frequencies that make up the primordial vibrations influencing our lives. This way, we can choose the right direction in life and be well-advised on how to attain them. Insights from Within The Portal don’t just tell you what may happen but how to prepare, taking advantage of the positive and avoiding the negative. And the most important point is how we can add more spiritual intention to our daily living experience.

  • Did you know the tarot is a pictorial version of Kabbalah’s Tree of Life, developed so kabbalists could avoid persecution in the 1400s? It was also created so illiterates could study and practice the path of Judaic mysticism. Tarot cards are not for predictions or psychic fortune-telling. This mystical system exists to provide us with the right tools and instructions to attain spiritual consciousness.

Live Consultations and Mentoring

My role as a mentor and consultant is to guide you to develop higher spiritual consciousness. Knowledge is power, but we cannot progress without understanding how to apply it.


As a teacher and mentor of mystical paths, I save you the time and madness of studying volumes of teachings and scriptures and cut through the trendy hypes so you can get spiritually busy. I teach and interpret through intuition combined with authentic spiritual knowledge handed down to us by the Masters—the Buddhas, sages, gurus, and saints, who graced this Earth by descending from celestial abodes to help us learn correctly. No, sorry… we don’t need a formless, ethereal spirit guide from another realm; God has dispatched teacher after teacher to this material plane for us. I’ve spent a lifetime studying them and putting their teachings into actual practice to see what works and how. And now, I share what I have learned and experienced to help you accelerate toward Divine Love Consciousness quickly and within this very lifetime.


The reasons I have dedicated my life to a spiritual career over a worldly one are:

  1. Spiritual Enlightenment has been my personal fascination since childhood

  2. Other spiritual seekers need to be guided to the correct eternal truths


Eternal Truths are not so easy to find. Did you know that the Latin word occult means “hidden—in plain view?” Yeah, organized religions and politically motivated historians changed it to have a negative stigma to prevent people from having their own spiritual power. I do my best to restore and expose the TRUE meanings and histories of spirituality to empower you.


The Dark Night of the Soul


We need enlightened masters such as the Buddha and my own Guru, Kripalu, to expose us to the Eternal Truths. I’m not an enlightened master, so I try to provide illumination for seekers lost in the dark spiritual forests so they can find a clear path to the other side.

I offer my services to help those experiencing the Dark Night of the Soul.


Insights from Within The Portal provide awareness of the cosmic and spiritual influences within and beyond you to develop your spiritual consciousness within your worldly life.


The Buddha once said, “The best and worst day of someone’s life is when they accept that Enlightenment is a real thing:the best because they finally know why they’re here, what’s missing, and can begin to work toward it; and the worst because they know they will NEVER be happy without it.” As ‘dark night of the soul’ as that may sound, he followed it with a profound declaration: “Once you understand that you can NEVER be happy in the world and commit to spiritual enlightenment, you will attain it because you will NEVER stop trying.”


My methods of spiritual guidance are not all about sunny days and living for happiness. I offer an illumination of the pathways that lead OUT of material darkness and lead to spiritual light. And it ain’t easy. Be careful what you wish for because spiritual life and work will truly test you.


But the sooner you start, the sooner you can end your eternal reincarnations. The sooner you begin, the sooner you can break free from material reality and transcend into spiritual reality. So, I have just one question for you:



Within The Portal of a Loved One

Gain closure with a passed away loved one
(Approx. 6-7 pgs of insight)

From $108

The Complete Blueprint

A comprehensive blueprint of your entire lifespan up to 81 years
(Approx. 10-18 pages of insight)

From $222

Life Purpose Reading

Start with WHAT your Life Purpose Is
(Approx. 3-4 pgs of insight)

From $77

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